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Thema: Ultimate Mechwarrior Music Playlist

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Ultimate Mechwarrior Music Playlist 19.10.2021 13:50 Forum: BattleTech Computerspiele


i want to share this youtube playlist i put together (besides others on my channel)
with great care to fit the overall mood and esthetic of the battletech/mechwarrior
franchise.Its all about epic clashes between gigantic metal giants, thus this playlist is aiming to deliver on the epic feel to it.My goal was to create an audio background which gives a cinematic feel while playing your favorite mechwarrior games.
I also want to mention that this playlist dont is home to the standard, overused
epic orchestral music we all know to an extend.Instead i look further, spending hours of browsing, to find unique, yet enjoyable not over the top nerves crunshing BS.

I hope you enjoy this playlist whilest playing mechwarrior

*nothing of the content in this playlist is my work nor i own any coryrights to them

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