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Dabei seit: 17.08.2007
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Tai-Sa Hanzou Katashi of the 2nd Sword of Light saw himself barricated behind the cold walls of an small Outpost in Sverdlovsk, Kessel. His Mechwarriors were firm in control of their samurai nerves, waiting patiently for the enemy to arrive. The situation was not to the likings of the Steel Dragon, whose abilities in open warfare put fear into the heart of many a warrior. If Tai-Sa Hazou cold hold those invaders long enough, the coming reinforcements would guarantee that not a single woman or man would come out of this battle alive. The snow was blowing... and the time, ticking.

After three months of hard work and seeking a place for us, I'm happy to annouce the start of the Shack's first real cycle this next Wednesday, 22. August!

The Shack is a Lv 1 server whose prime premise is a tough environment starting at the end of the 3rd Succession War. We based our view of "cannon" battletech around the Gray Death Legion books, and others who followed a similar line, that means: Tanks and Infantry form the main units around, Mechs are rare, valuable and cause awe when on the battlefield.

That doesn't mean players won't see even a Stinger STR-3G. As someone once said here: this is MegaMek, not MegaTank...

What we offer:

- Default Double Blind, Fire, Real Blind Drops and Assault Drop options, among others.

- Innersphere Map and Unit Build tables based 100% on cannon Books and IS Atlas. Ex: Wolfhounds are Kell Hounds only unit.. and actually not even in the first Cycle, as it takes place in 3022. And yes... Liao is as small as in the maps. The planets also carry a variety of conditions, like night battles, ice, extreme temperatures or vaccum.

- Scenario based gaming: battles aren't necessarily fair, victory conditions, objectives and limitations can be used in games. Ex: Delayed Deployment, Cross the map, Flee with X Units, Kill the Commanding Unit, etc...

- Lots of Combined arms operations, as well as Tank and/or Infantry only ops.

- Special Scenario Operations integrated within the campaign: as players collect Flu (which is not needed to start normal ops) they can use it to launch a special Scenario Operation, in which s/he takes command of a pre-set army (according to his faction) to get a specific campaign objective done.

- For the first Cycle the three main Scenario Events are:




Assault Drop (our "Beachhead")

Click on the images above for a bigger view and some more info.

- Team Battles: all base operations have a Team version of it. There are also special Team Only, operations. And a Free-For-All training game.

- Bigger, but faster games: in almost all operations players are able, and even expected to bring Infantry support along with their APCs, which can be bought using a special factory table division. In the Shack battles are EXPECTED to be very bloody, and payouts encourage this, as players have two options: either surrender fast and get a , very, very small pay, or play it through and get enough to replace lost units and even buy something new. Maps are somewhat smaller, to encourage the hard fighting.

- An experimentally rich environment: to the developers happiness, we at the Shack try to use every single thing possible in MegaMek, from mines, to turrets, exploding buildings and anyother thing which can cause a bug! Every single operation at the Shack carries at least one of those special additions.

Our main tough parts:

- In the Shack one has to play with what one gets. Units can't be donated nor scrapped (unless at 3 gyro, at a cost) nor can pilots be traded among units or retired. To couple with this initial difficult, players start out with a huge Hangar.

- Repairs aren't cheap either. Going to battle with damaged units is even encouraged. Only external armor is relatively cheap to repair, any other damage can be bothersome. Weapons have also different repair cost: Lasers cost more than LRMs which in turn are more expensive than Ballistc weapons.

- Units can also go to battle without fully loads of ammo. And the said ammo isn't cheap as well, so units with many shots have an advantage now.

- Games must be played using exclusively pure lances and/companies. 4 Mechs and/or 4 vees. Only APC and Infantry can be brought in odd numbers (but no more than one APC per Inf). So a 4 Mech, 4 Vee, 2APC 2 Plattons army is ok, a 3 Mech, 1 vee, 1 APC 2 inf is not.

- It DOES take some time to get used to the rules and llearn how to use all the features in the lobby of MegaMek, but that is why we have the rules written in English AND German on our Wiki.

Hope I awakened the interest in some of you! Our adress is The Shack.

For those intersted in taking already a look, our test phase is still open. Augenzwinkern

See ya there,


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